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The Challenge

This client had the need for a major hospital system to help reposition itself to gain market share. This 584 bed system has four main campuses. Major competitors had successfully gained share in cancer care over time, reducing our client to third place in the middle of 2009. In heart care, Robert Young’s primary competitor had regained leadership after losing the top spot in 2005

Our Approach

Our client engaged TAG to conduct an extensive quantifiable study to determine how the market perceived them, the attributes they owned in consumers’ minds as well as what market positions might be open for building preference, leading to share gains. A 600-respondent survey using land and cell lines on a random dialing basis was deployed. The survey instrument was designed to take approximately 15 minutes, and mirrored the demographic and ethnic make-up of the metropolitan bi-state market area.

The main takeaway from the study was that consumers and patients perceived Robert Young to own the concept of expertise and knowledge in providing healthcare and successful outcomes. As a result of this outcome, a major branding effort was designed and deployed, emphasizing the “Medical Experts” available at Robert Young. Year one of this rollout included a major print and broadcast program, focusing on key physicians. Year two of this rollout expanded upon their medical expertise, as well as included online health assessments for patients to better access expert care. Year three, we took a new approach to this rebranding and chose to highlight patients and their personal stories of growth. 

The Results

In 2009, Robert Young’s key competitor owned an inpatient market share of 49.2 percent. By 2012, this share percentage decreased to 43.5 percent. Robert Young was able to capitalize on this opportunity, increasing their inpatient market share percentage from 37.9 percent to 44 percent. This six percent increase occurred in a mid-size upper Midwest market, often type-casted as “slow to change.” 

Robert Young Center Design and Consultation results
Outdoor "Recovery"

Placing the illustrated character (representative of an actual patient) on a stark white background placed heavy emphasis on the character and the headline. Talking to this audience needed to be direct, but approachable and non-threatening at the same time, with a clear call to action. The headline is direct and the character softens the message, striking the perfect balance to start a conversation with the target audience.


TAG wanted to tell the story of an actual patient in recovery from substance abuse, but we also wanted to afford the patient some anonymity.  After brainstorming with the team, this illustration was developed to help tell Darryl's testimony in an anonymous and approachable way.

Outdoor Design

A series of outdoor messages were crafted to be short, powerful messages to get the audience to self-reflect. The illustrated character helps to bring a human element to the message, which softens the conversation a bit to be less confrontational and more empathetic, encouraging the person to take action.

design media
TV Production

With animation, anything is possible.  This video was created by combining hundreds of individually created illustrations.  We animated the illustrated character and paired him with Darryl's audio testimony.  Then we brought the story to life with a thunderstorm storm, a metaphor for Darryl's experience.

media production

TAG really understands how to reduce costs while growing market share.

—Kevin Vermeer, COO, Chief Strategy Officer, UnityPoint Health, Des Moines, IA