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QCHI Billboard

Portfolio Piece:
Quad Cities Health Initiative

Quad Cities Health Initiative (QCHI) Graphic Design, Outdoor Design and HD Video Production

The Quad Cities Health Initiative is a community partnership with the mission of building a healthier community across the Quad Cities region. We designed and produced a multi-media campaign aimed at helping them promote living a healthy lifestyle to the Quad Cities community.

QCHI Coloring Book
Our Approach
QCHI was looking for a creative way to promote healthy eating and healthy living in the Quad Cities. Their target audience was broad and the message needed to resonate with young and old alike.
The Results
Given the wide range of ages we were targeting, we chose to reach kids and adults alike through the creation of two characters, Skip and Scout, brother and sister strawberries. This approach allowed us to talk directly to kids in a way they understand, as well as adults (who doesn't love a cartoon character). The results were a high-energy campaign that saw great engagement and support across the community.
QCHI Eat Right Billboard
Outdoor Design
Outdoor messaging featured simple, bold headlines that reinforced the primary brand position. Billboard messaging was focused on two primary concepts: eating right and staying active. The characters, Skip and Scout were featured prominently with vibrant illustrations of healthy food options in the background.
QCHI Magnets
In addition to the coloring pages, stickers featuring Skip and Scout were handed out at schools and events to keep the positive message of healthy eating and staying active top of mind.
QCHI Coloring Book
Coloring Pages
We developed a series of illustrations to be used as coloring pages, driving brand engagement with children as well as adults in a fun and interactive way.
QCHI Backpack Buddy Keychain
Backpack Buddy Keychain
Skip keychains were created to attach to children's backpacks as a unique reminder to eat healthy and move more.