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MYOKEM™ Brand Strategy and Production
The Challenge

MYOKEM™ was formed in 2014 to provide dietary and weight loss supplements that help users Defy Limitations. And to do that, they had to do some serious defying of their own, making a conscious decision to forgo brand hype, and make products that deliver measurable results to their customers. 

Our Approach

MYOKEM™ is cutting edge in their industry, per their brand mantra, “Defy Limitations.” TAG was tasked with not only providing a cutting-edge e-commerce web presence, but were also tasked with redeploying the brand from the ground up. This brand revamp included web, social, PR and package design.

The Results

MYOKEM™ stakeholders have praised the site for its performance, look and for the positive comments received from their audience (receiving a positive national website review the first day the site went live).  The website is performing well above national averages with 3.45 pages per session, a 2:55 average session duration and a fantastic 34.3 percent average bounce rate. New sessions comprise an average of 65 percent of sessions which means that the MYOKEM™ audience is on the rise.

MYOKEM™ Brand Strategy and Production results
Label Design

MYOKEM™ product labels were redesigned to fall more closely inline with the visual language of the website. A neon corporate color palette was developed to be used as product designators and help the product stand out on retail shelves. A consistent look and feel was carried over from the digital space, using the hexagon as a core component in the brand's visual language. Specialty printing techniques were combined with an eye-catching design to get noticed on crowded store shelves.

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Social Media Marketing

TAG was tasked with creating a compelling visual content strategy to capitalize on the fitness and bodybuilding communities within Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while driving leads to the website to move through the purchase funnel. Through a strategy of product placement, the use of brand ambassadors and fitness trends and motivation, MYOKEM's™ social media strategy now lives up to their motto to Defy Limitations. 

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In order to engage their target market, TAG created a blog microsite and editorial calendar for MYOKEM™ to share the stories of the people who use their products, highlight the latest news within the fitness and bodybuilding communities and create a platform to begin meaningful conversations with product users.

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Website Design and Development

MYOKEM™ had just developed and redesigned their website but found it lacking pop and direction. TAG was tasked with building a modern website that mirrored the client's brand voice, was easy to navigate, displayed and sold products, and above all else, integrated with their robust social strategy.

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Almost a year and a half after MYOKEM's™ last website update, this week the brand has done another one making its online presence even better. While MYOKEM™ did already make a pretty big jump going from its 2013 site to 2014, for 2015 the difference is just as big. The brand's makeover doesn't just give the website a nicer set of graphics, comfortably busy layout and more modern design, it also introduces a couple of new sections. Alongside MYOKEM's™ areas for products, retail locations, athletes and contact, there are now also dedicated areas for testimonials, news, events, as well as a community section.

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