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L&W Logo stitched on a mattress mockup

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L&W Bedding

L&W Bedding

TAG created a brand refresh to better represent the L & W Bedding experience. 

L&W Bedding Exterior
Our Approach
L&W Bedding makes custom premium mattress products. They believe a good day starts with a great rest on a mattress that fits the way their customers sleep. TAG took their values, eye for quality, and craftsmanship to refresh their brand to something that represented all the care that goes into making each L&W mattress.
The Results
TAG created a unique brand that represented the values of L&W Bedding. A new logo and branding elements were created to mimic the craftsmanship that translated to all of the campaign elements. Accents of stitching and custom illustration set the stage for an eye catching design that translated across media platforms.
L&W Bedding Website Still Image
The brand translates premium quality and craftsmanship through the custom logo, branding colors, and custom illustration. All of these elements work together in a style that feels fresh and unique to that of competitors in the market. L&W Bedding marches to a beat of their own and the brand TAG created reflects that custom element that they put into each product.
L&W Bedding Truck Wrap
Truck Wrap Design
As the L&W Bedding customer base grows we wanted to make sure that upon delivery, the L&W brand is prominently displayed.
L&W Interior Design
Exterior and Interior Store Design
TAG created custom signage for the interior and exterior of their stores. We participated in the renovation of their first store to represent the new brand and create an atmosphere for the L&W Bedding experience.
L&W Website Design
Web Design
TAG designed a custom website that translates the brand experience.
L&W Bedding "Handcrafted To Last"