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The Challenge

L&W Bedding is a mattress manufacturer that places a heavy emphasis on quality craftsmanship. TAG was first tasked with designing a new store interior and exterior as well as supportive graphics and signage to better reflect the quality of the mattress products.

Our Approach

Part of the assembly process of the mattresses happens right in the store on a sewing machine, which is not only unique, but carries a certain honest quality of “we have nothing to hide.” The brand’s core inspiration was derived from this distinct, in-store sewing experience.

The Results

The client was so happy with TAG's work in supporting graphic design and interior / exprerior design that TAG is now the brand manager for L&W Bedding and recently produced TV commercials and is in the process of new website design and development.

Exterior Design & Installation

The exterior facade was cleaned up with the removal of paintings from the storefront windows revealing the newly-designed store interior. Vinyl graphics of the website, phone number and a repeatable logo pattern were installed. The shaker shingles were painted and the main front door was painted L&W orange to clearly denote the entrance. A large flat panel sign hangs in the center, branding the building.

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Borrowing the basic shape of the embroidered patch L&W Bedding logo, 18” x 18” aluminum product signs were developed to clearly denote the mattress product names, bringing organization to the overall store layout as the consumer enters.

design strategy
Interior Design & Installation

The previous store interior didn’t convey the quality of L&W Bedding's products, with dated wall colors, exposed shelving clutter and no clear product identification. Drapes were suspended from the ceiling to clean up the appearance, while still allowing easy access to shelving. Walls were repainted and the commercial-grade carpet was replaced with wood flooring creating a more home-like experience. A logo floor graphic acts as a welcome mat. 

design strategy

The L&W Bedding logo takes its inspiration from the stitching of the mattress product. Various versions were designed including a 3-D embroidered design (reminiscent of a patch), a flat color and black & white version, along with a repeatable pattern that resembles thread. The variety of logos creates a brand that is flexible and can adapt based on the communication channel being utilized.

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TV Production

TAG was ready to take an entirely new direction marketing a local mattress manufacturer and retailer, and our client trusted us to take the leap.  Shortly after the TV spot began to air, L&W received several calls specifically mentioning their commercial.  It just goes to show, people do notice when you keep things fresh!  Now, who wants a nap?

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I hired the team at TAG because I was looking to take my business to the next level. Since I’ve started working with TAG, things at my business have been great and the TAG team has been fantastic to work with! 

—John Wheatley - Owner / CEO