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Hungry Hobo Brand Strategy and Production
The Challenge

The Hungry Hobo is a local deli comprised of 13 locations. TAG is challenged with maintaining brand consistency across a myriad of messaging platforms including outdoor, print, radio and web, while keeping the brand as fresh as their product.

Our Approach

Clearly defined typography, color palette and imagery choices help lay the foundation for The Hungry Hobo brand. Mediums such as the web are carefully selected to offer a unique platform to stretch the brand messaging, allowing The Hungry Hobo to stay consistent and yet give it the ability to stretch in creative and engaging ways. 

The Results

The Hungry Hobo continues to see increases in new traffic to all locations, as well as an increase in the diversity of customer choices after each campaign runs.
Outdoor Design

Outdoor messaging has an audience that is always on the move, so the messaging needs to be quick hitting. The Hungry Hobo outdoor design tactics include the strategic use of the high contrast red and black color palette to command attention. Headlines are short and bold, and in this case, creatively incorporated into a graphic to depict the content (grilling!). The type is placed on an angle similar to how meat might be tossed on a grill in a haphazard way. This technique also brings energy to the message, correlating with the speed at which your sandwich is prepared in store.

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Website Design & Development

in 2014 Hungry Hobo wanted to bring the in-store experience to the web, while maintaining brand integrity and adding a bit of fun to the digital world of deli. This site features a parallax slider of all the menu options and gives the indecisive visitors the option for the site to pick their next meal at Hobo. Genius! In 2016, Hobo came back to TAG for a rebrand and to implement ecommerce on thier website.

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TAG discovered that masses of people in the Quad Cities region were talking about their love for Hungry Hobo on Twitter—a platform that the restaurant had yet to explore. TAG created a Twitter strategy that engaged key influencers, placed the Hungry Hobo product within recognizable QC landmarks and showcased all of the options available for diners in a fun way that aligned with the brand. This strategy also included a Twitter-only, monthly #HoboBOGO deal which gave followers exclusive access to savings at their favorite dining location—just for following Hungry Hobo on Twitter! 

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TAG has been our advertising agency from the very beginning and has done a great job of helping us build a strong, identifiable brand that has been able to change with the times. Whether it’s outdoor, print, radio, or social media, we continue to get positive feedback about our advertising breaking through the clutter in a consistently clever, but simple fashion.

—Pryce T. Boeye - CEO / Owner