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Hungry Hobo Website Design and Development

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Hungry Hobo

Hungry Hobo Brand Campaign Including Website Development and Graphic Design

The rebrand we developed for The Hungry Hobo, a local-favorite restaurant franchise, took a fresh, modern approach and injected it with more personality, positioning the brand for future growth and better alignment with their business goals.

Hungry Hobo Branding 2017
Our Approach
The Hungry Hobo was looking to update their brand, maintaining the same witty character and charm as before, delivered in a fresh, new approach.
The Results
Our solution was to create a more expressive brand with more personality, building brand affinity through a more integrated use of The Hungry Hobo character.
Hungry Hobo print design
Print Advertising Design
Print advertisements feature The Hungry Hobo character in a more prominent way, creating an engaging ad that is hard to ignore.
Hungry Hobo Web Design
Web Design & Development
The mobile responsive website featured an interactive Hobo character and a new collection of icons representing menu items. The website was designed to be fun and informative, capturing the personality of the brand in an easy-to-navigate environment.
Hungry Hobo Outdoor Design
Outdoor Advertising Design
A billboard designed to communicate the launch of the redesigned website. The crude illustration style of The Hungry Hobo character influenced new typography as well as the creation of a series of icons done in the same, hand-drawn style.
Hungry Hobo Brand Board
Brand Board
The brand board was developed to lay the creative groundwork for The Hungry Hobo rebrand. It highlights key marketing messages, tone of voice, primary brand visuals, color palette and typography.