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Doland Jewelers Integrated Marketing
The Challenge

Doland Jewelers is proud to serve customers in both the Quad City and Dubuque markets. Our first project with this client started out as a logo update, but soon turned into an entire rebranding and integrated marketing effort.

Our Approach

TAG saw an opportunity to create a new, memorable brand mark that elevated their visual brand to a level more in line with higher end luxury brands. TAG also saw an opportunity to refresh the color palette so that it not only appealed to the target demographic, but also had some timeless longevity.

The Results

Doland Jewelers fully embraced this redesign and even sought out TAG's expertise when they built their new Davenport store. From signage and store graphics to gift bags and jewelry boxes, they thoroughly thought out the full execution of the new look.
Outdoor Design, Production and Management

If a larger-than-life, sparkling ring won’t catch your attention, we don’t know what will! We took full advantage of the space allotted on this board and then some with a cutout extension. Simple, to-the-point messaging helped maximize impact and retention—key factors for this medium.

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Logo Design

The Doland Jewelers logo was designed to set them apart in the markets they serve while appealing to their key demographic. The serif type treatment elevates their visual brand while the DJ mark helps reinforce their standing as an established jeweler. Paired together, the overall logo exudes the high level of sophistication and class embodied by Doland Jewelers.

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Website Design and Development

This is actually the third iteration for Doland Jewelers' website designed and developed by TAG. The client understood it was time for a facelift and came back to TAG for modern design and technology enhancement that include custom inventory search, inbound lead generating landing pages and mobile optimization.

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TV Production Davenport Market

Bringing Nick Doland to the forefront is part of the evolving strategy at the Dubuque location.  Nick is a great spokesperson for the store, and he's a talented jewelry designer, as well.  It's nice to have clients that are passionate about their work, and the Doland family is a prime example of that.

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TV Production Dubuque Market

As TAG continues to evolve the Doland brand, we are currently bringing Will Doland into the spotlight at the Davenport location.  Will is great on camera, but you should see what he can design with fine jewels and precious metals.

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Event Marketing

These retractable banners center around simple messaging and core branding elements. The radial diamond pattern, created exclusively for Doland Jewelers, takes the forefront in this general branding banner, while a consistent style of imagery draws attention to the banner featuring their Something Borrowed program. 

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Print Collateral

A reinvented brand means collateral pieces across the board needed a redesign. Every interaction with a potential customer is an opportunity to further the Doland Jewelers brand, and brochures and business cards are no exception. Consistency across all media ensures the brand moves forward in a unified direction.

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TAG has done a tremendous job of helping us focus our marketing and brand perspective. Before venturing into partnership with them we had a shotgun style approach. We would simply throw advertising together without a cohesive message or any specific target in mind. Since partnering with TAG we have been able to create a specific brand for ourselves while at the same time targeting our focus on where we spend our dollars.

—Will Doland