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Davenport Today
The Challenge

The City of Davenport wanted a website where residents could read about their friends and neighbors, have a chance to talk to each other, hear from and interact with City officials and get a glimpse into what those in public service are doing every day to make Davenport an even better place to live.

Our Approach

Through TAG’s research and client discovery process, we provided a fully responsive parallax design and platform unlike any other city website. TAG consistently, but playfully incorporated a letter “D” (symbolizing the City of Davenport) to create an icon for each content section, and yet each icon is distinct and unique.

The Results

City officials and stakeholders have praised the site for its performance, look, ease of management and for the positive comments received from their audience - city residents. The site has been so well received that TAG was invited to join City staff at the 2015 ICMA Conference in Seattle, Washington—the largest event in the world for local government, managers and staff. More than a year after the site launched,traffic is still growing exponentially.  

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Logo Design

The Davenport Today website features up-to-the-minute content, which led us to the idea that a single logo didn’t reflect the dynamic nature of the content. Built around the letter "D," symbolizing the City of Davenport, the primary logo was designed to be part of a "flexible brand", allowing a portion of the logo to change, based on the context of the surrounding content.

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Website Design and Development

Through TAG’s research and client discovery process, we provided an award-winning, fully responsive, parallax design and digital experience unlike any other city website.

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Logo System Design

A grid was developed as a basis for designing a system of logo icons that correspond to the different content sections of the website that can change in correspondence with that content. The system of icons are unified in overall design by use of the grid and color palette. We consistently, but playfully incorporated the letter “D” into each icon representing a different content section. In essence, we created an identity that is always changing and always evolving to match the nature of the content of the website.

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The TAG team created an award winning platform unlike any other for our community. 

—Craig Malin – Former City Administrator