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Do you feel like managing all your internal audiences and external campaigns is leaving your marketing a bit disjointed?

By their very nature, regional health systems have to constantly work through the management and alignment of multiple service lines and constituents. Over time, we can become so entrenched in getting through the day-to-day logistics that we begin to lose focus on some of the high-level strategy and creativity that we used to put into our campaigns.

How does TAG HCM best support a regional health system?

  • TAG can provide an objective consultation partnership that evaluates the umbrella strategy behind your communication goals.

  • TAG can oversee and assure brand adherence in all inbound and outbound messaging.

  • TAG has experience working with a health system and affiliates and can be leaned upon in times of transitions, including mergers or acquisitions.

  • At the end of the day we’ll help you gain share and we’ll reduce costs.

We’ll work from the top-down with our regional healthcare systems, going layer by layer until all aspects of the communications plan fall under the same tone and voice. From the visual brand, to content and even developing fleshed out brand standards, we pride ourselves on our creative consistency.

Internal Constituents

Sometimes, coordinating internal marketing efforts can be just as challenging as working with external audiences. Our TAG HCM team knows how to help interface with business units and service lines inside the health system, to create a synergistic environment. Whether you are working with a health foundation, home care products, medical service lines, or a preferred provider organization, we can help facilitate efforts as a third-party liaison and partner.

Working with Multiple Facilities

Regional health systems not only include multiple hospitals and smaller clinics, they can often transcend county boundaries. Currently, many regional health systems across the country are actively working to acquire new facilities. We’ve worked with health systems through acquisitions, and know the pains and processes required to make entities integrated yet distinct.

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