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Do you struggle to gain market share from larger health systems who have better perceived care because of their size?

Do you struggle to gain market share from larger health systems who have better perceived care because of their size?

Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) tend to be located in more rural areas, and serve as an emergency care option for local residents. In cases where a medical need is greater than the capabilities of a CAH, the CAH may be asked to stabilize a patient and prepare them for transfer. These hospitals are also very useful for providing procedures such as tonsillectomies, OB-GYN services or radiological services.

So, what can TAG do for a CAH?

  • TAG can help CAHs prioritize and identify the best strategies to implement smaller marketing budgets.
  • TAG can help CAHs measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and structure budgetary requests to boards, or work through the certificate of need process.
  • TAG can share our best practices learned from helping other large and small hospitals. We can give you the experience of our trial and error.
  • TAG can deliver and fill staffing or expertise requests as needed.

When you work with TAG HCM, we’ll bring a marketing consultant on-site, who will meet several times a month with your marketing or management staff. When it’s necessary to stretch a smaller budget, we can provide overall coordination of that budget and use our back-end of the house for production.

Communicating the Patient Experience

In a CAH setting, it’s not the accreditations or new equipment that attract patients. Patients leave the market place because they believe they will receive better care at a larger institution. It’s our goal to rectify that belief by sharing the patient story – expressing quality care and service through our consumer’s eyes.

The Strategic Mix

Emergency care is a primary component of the strategic mix for a CAH. Consumers want to know that their medical needs can be met – no matter how serious. By promoting individual service lines, or consumer benefits (such as the introduction of a helipad), you demonstrate to your customers that their care is truly at the forefront of your mind

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